The Arrow OnControl Powered Bone Access Systems

The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access Systems bring a new level of technology to bone marrow procedures, minimizing time16, pain35 and effort2.

Choose Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access Systems for Better Biopsies

The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access Systems, using its power driver platform combined with procedure-specific needle sets, represent the first major advance in bone and bone marrow sampling procedures in over 40 years. Our bone marrow solutions are raising the standard for biopsies and aspirations in cancer centers by producing larger marrow samples for a more accurate diagnosis, and a faster procedure1, resulting in a better patient experience4. Our bone lesion biopsy solutions provide interventional radiologists a faster6, more reliable solution3 for accessing hard-to-reach bone lesions.

Larger Bone Marrow Samples

Larger bone marrow biopsy core samples

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The Arrow® OnControl® Bone Marrow Biopsy System, supported by our experienced clinical training staff, has successfully raised the standard for bone marrow biopsies and aspirations in leading cancer centers, while greatly improving the patient experience5.

Bone Marrow Biopsies

Hard Bone Lesions Made Easy

Larger bone marrow biopsy core samples

A new age of powered precision.

The Arrow® OnControl® Bone Lesion Biopsy System is the first significant advance in bone biopsy technology in 40 years, providing the ability to effectively, safely, and rapidly obtain larger, high-quality samples, even from hard bone. Our Bone Lesion Biopsy Needle is designed specifically for multiple bone biopsies from a single cortical penetration.

Bone Lesion Biopsies